The George Institute for International Health The George Institute for International Health was established in 1999 as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the prevention and management of non-communicable diseases and injury,through domestic and international programs.The institute is a legally independent institution affiliated with the University of Sydney Faculty of Medicine and the Sydney South Western Area Health Service. Our mission is to find solutions to common health problems through excellence and thought leadership in research,and translating that research into policy,practice and capacity building.In achieving that mission,we are committed to ensuring the integration of good business practices throughout all our operations. The institute has grown rapidly since its inception,and currently employs 150 staff at its headquarters in Sydney.Research operations are conducted at approximately 400 centers in more than 30 countries worldwide.While Asia is a major focus,the George Institute is also active throughout Europe,North America,and Australasia.The George Institute has offices in Sydney and Beijing. The George Institute is made up of several divisions and programs that oversee numerous large-scale international and regional projects funded by a diverse range of sponsors,both public and private.The research portfolio of the institute includes randomized trials of new treatment and prevention strategies,surveys,and observational studies of the causes and outcomes of disease and injury.The current research budget of the Institute is approximately $25-30 million per year.Research revenue comes from national and international medical research agencies,government,private sponsors and industry.All of the institute's research is initiated by academic staff of the Institute or colleagues at partner institutions including the University of Oxford,the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Melbourne.The institute's fully-owned subsidiary,George Medica Pty Ltd,provides strategic and operational services to external clients in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. The George Institute is dedicated to the recruitment,development,and retention of the best people from around the world.The pursuit of academic,scientific and operational excellence in a "can do"culture is actively promoted in all our activities. Context The principal goal of The George Institute's cardiovascular research program is the discovery and implementation of new strategies for the prevention of stroke,heart attack and other major vascular diseases. The selection of this area for research reflects the global importance of vascular diseases as causes of premature death and disability.The Cardiovascular Division has primary responsibility for the conduct of the Institute's research in this area. All candidates please: 1.Send your resume both in Chinese and English 2.Indicate the position you apply. 3.Your salary expectation and available time. 展开
莱克科技(集团)有限公司是一家集产品制造、应用集成和顾问咨询为一体,以行业应用为导向的高科技民营产业集团。我们自1993年成立以来持续发展,资产年均增长率在30%以上。我们拥有多项技术专利和软件著作权,销售网络覆盖全国主要大中型城市。市场领域涉及金融行业、商业零售和政府部门等。总体形成了产品制造以北京为市场中心、深圳为销售、技术和客服中心、香港为国际窗口、昆明为生产基地的产业布局;   21世纪需要的是专业化、国际化的产品和服务。我们针对性的建立了以博士、硕士和本科毕业生层次化有机结合的技术团队,在实践中充分证明了其高效和富于创新的专业化能力。在国际化方面,由最初的产品技术符合ISO标准到企业质量管理体系通过ISO 9001认证,我们不断努力进步以适应更高的要求。我们作为行业应用为导向的企业,在创造性的理解行业需求方面有很高的要求。因此,我们的市场、研发、销售和客服团队均有多年的行业经验,加之多名资深的行业专家组成的顾问团,形成了系统化的团队组合。   我们信奉:解决之道、合作为本。因为,我们始终认为企业的成功来自于客户的成功,以合作多赢为目的与客户共同创造解决方案才是真正的成功。为此,我们以ISO9001国际质量认证体系为准则,建立了“解决之道、合作为本”在企业的整体运行机制:市场为核心,销售进行展开,技术和投资提供实现基础,客服负责保障正常运转。 展开 公司地址:深圳北环大道7003号1316 (邮编:518043) 地图 公司官网:www.lke.com.cn

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